Let Elyse Breanne Design help you commit to your 2023 goals

Ready to run with your New Years resolutions? Maybe you want to drink more water, or do your part to save the planet. Or maybe you want to take more time to relaxxxx. Whatever your goal for the new year is, Elyse Breanne Design wants to help you achieve it. So here are a few ideas to treat yourself and help you stay committed as you work toward what you want!
Are you ready to start saving this year? Whether you’re looking for a little extra coffee money or you’re saving up for something big, experts say writing your budget down can be key. That’s why this budget planner is perfect to help you stick to your spending goals. Inside you’ll find space to track your budget each month, plus dozens of pages to log each purchase. There’s also a built-in pocket for receipts and stickers to help you stay organized. Best of all, it’s small enough to fit into your purse or backpack, so you can fill it out on the go!
     2. Habit Tracker
The secret to forming new habits? Repetition. My new habit tracker notepad is a perfect way for you to outline the new habits you want to form in 2023, and then track how well you stick to them throughout the week. It also has space for bragging on what you’ve accomplished. One of my employees uses the “next week” space to list out a reward for if she sticks to her goals all week. Who’s to say repetition and rewards can’t go hand in hand.
       3. Daily Planners
2023 may be the year you’re finally on time! Whether it’s getting assignments done in advance or making sure your friends are never left waiting, our daily planners are great for helping you get the most out of your day without overloading it.
       4. Reusable bags
Reusable bags are an easy and efficient way to reduce the amount of paper and plastic you use! Our totes are sturdy and lightweight. Buy one to use on the go - or a collection to carry all of your groceries! Our EBD team uses them as lunch bags, and we each have our favorite pattern. Mine? Terracotta floral.
        5. Motivational stickers
Is your goal to drink that extra cup of water each day? Been there, designed a sticker for that! Grab yourself one of these fun reminders to add to your water bottle as you focus on staying hydrated. Or choose from our hundreds of stickers to cover that bottle from top to bottom. You can check out this collection of positive reminders - or go crazy with my flowers and other designs!
       6. Paint by numbers
One resolution we hear a lot: I want to take more time for myself. Whether that means taking time to destress or developing a new hobby, we have ways to help! One of my favorites is the paint by number kits. These sets come with the canvas and paints – everything you need to recreate one of your favorite prints. Order one and then do what I do when I get to paint: curl up on the couch with netflix and start mixing up colors!
       7. Puzzles
If you’re not a painter, our puzzles are another excellent way to unwind! Choose from Summer Meadows or Cactus Blooms and spend a couple hours relaxing away your stress.
       8. Greeting card set
If your goal is to stay more connected in 2023, our greeting card sets are a perfect way to do it! We have five different collections for you to choose from, and each comes with 12 beautiful cards that are blank on the inside. Grab a pack and make it your goal to send a little note to someone you care about each month. Or - look through our individual cards for different events and holidays through the year and order them now so they’re ready and on hand each time you need them. Pro tip: If you live in NC, you can shop at Mill & Meadow to get 4 cards for $12.
Whether you’re hoping to read 10 books this year or 52, our beautiful bookmarks are a great way to save your spot. Choose from dozens of patterns. I recommend looking close, because some of them are reversible! Less recommended: flipping your book over and reading it in reverse. 
I hope this has given you some ideas to help start 2023 with purpose! Remember, resolutions aren't a way to measure failure and success - they're motivation to keep moving forward, whatever that looks like for you. May this year bring you all the best!

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