Comparing Custom Sticker Companies

Sticker Mule was my go-to sticker printing company until it stopped shipping non-essential items. For the past few weeks, I’ve been searching for a new company to print with until Sticker Mule is back operating at full capacity. I’ve ordered from 4 new companies since Sticker Mule stopped shipping orders, and I’m going to review the quality of each below. Please note: I do not get any commissions or compensation for these reviews, I’m just writing this to be helpful to other makers in the same situation as I am. I’m going to start this by quickly writing about the quality and service Sticker Mule provides so I can compare it to the other companies I’ve tried.

Sticker Mule

Price: Very good deals, and great prices when ordering large quantities and multiple designs since they provide a discount for ordering several designs at once. Sample sticker packs of 10 are only $9 which can be great for trying out new designs. Also, they have free shipping on every order.

Sticker Quality: Sticker Mule makes my favorite stickers by far. The stickers are matte, thick vinyl, waterproof, and super durable.

Packaging: Stickers come shrink wrapped in packs of 50. Usually the company will include a few extra stickers than you ordered which is super nice, and helpful since occasionally the top sticker in the string-wrapped stack is damaged

Proofing Process: Emailed and texted, clear, large proofs, super easy process overall.

Website: Extremely easy to use.

Sticker Beat sticker on the left and Sticker Mule on the right in both photos.

Sticker Beat

Price: a little cheaper than Sticker Mule and also provides free shipping, but no option for sample packs of 10, and no discount for ordering multiple designs.

Sticker Beat randomly sent me a coupon code a few months back for 20% off. The code is: EBurns

I don’t get a commission or anything for others using it, but might as well share it in case any of you order from them.

Sticker Quality: Very close to the same quality as Sticker Mule. The vinyl is slightly less thick than Sticker Mule’s and the 3M logo is printed on the paper backing of the sticker. The stickers are still waterproof and durable, and the next quality to Sticker Mule in my opinion.

Packaging: Shrink wrapped in packs of 50 stickers.

Proofing Process: sent via email and set out on their website, kinda small image of the proof, but overall pretty easy process.

Website: Easy to use, main complaint would be that you have to upload the design again if you want to adjust the quantity of stickers you’re ordering.

Recommendation: probably going to be my go-to for printing until Sticker Mule is back up and running, but I still prefer Sticker Mule overall.

3x3 and 2x2 inch stickers ordered from Sticker Beat.

Vinyl Disorder

Price: currently they’re having a sale of 25 stickers for under $10 and 50 stickers for about $18, which are the best deals I’ve seen from any company.

Sticker Quality: Slightly less thick vinyl than Sticker Mule and Sticker Beat. The stickers are vinyl, still have a matte finish, are waterproof, and seem pretty durable.

Packaging: Packed in plastic bags.

Proofing Process: must request a proof to receive one. I didn’t request proofs for my second order and they turned out looking great, a proof wouldn’t have been necessary. However, if you aren’t submitting .pngs or otherwise have a more complicated image, then requesting a proof might make more sense. It usually takes a very long time to get proofs, and sometimes they emailed me a week after placing my order to say they didn’t have the files for one of designs I was ordering, but didn’t know which one . . .

Website: Not great, and really confusing if you’re ordering more than one design.

Recommendation: Wouldn’t recommend. Useful for trying out new designs at a low cost but, the customer service leaves a lot to be desired and the production/shipping speeds were a huge downside for me.

3x3 inch sticker printed with Vinyl Disorder

Sticker App

Price: cheaper than Sticker Mule and Sticker Beat, but the quality isn’t worth it to me.

Sticker Quality: Very thin and glossy finish. Not worth buying in my opinion. I might have missed the option for a different quality vinyl on their website, I’m not sure, but the default quality is pretty poor in my opinion.

Packaging: Packed in plastic bags.

Proofing Process: Instant proofs that you can adjust yourself before checkout. Actually a really easy and convenient process, probably my favorite of all 5 companies, but the quality of stickers still isn’t worth it.

Website: Pretty good.

Recommendation: Cheap option which would be good for personal use, could be good if you prefer glossy stickers.

Make Stickers

Price: pretty cheap, but terrible quality, so definitely not worth it in my opinion.

Sticker Quality: Very thin, paper-like stickers. Not waterproof and not durable. The print quality was also terrible, it was pixelated and grainy. My boyfriend even said that it looked the like the design had been photocopied 5 times before it was printed. I sent the same exact file to Sticker Beat and the stickers turned out completely fine.

Packaging: Shrink wrapped

Proofing Process: I don’t even remember if I got a proof or not, but overall, the quality was so poor I would not recommend ordering from them.

Website: Ok, not poor but not great.

Recommendation: I don’t recommend ordering from Make Stickers.

Make Stickers sticker on the left and Sticker Beat on the right.