Meet the EBD Team

Elyse Breanne Design Founder and Artist Elyse Burns sits at an easel, working on a custom design.  


I started my business on my 18th birthday selling original paintings in my free time. I continued to run and grow the business throughout college and graduate school in Chicago before moving to Durham, North Carolina in 2019 to attend Duke Law. Having earned my law degree, I decided to take my business full-time and I couldn't be happier about that! 

In 2022, I planted my company’s roots in Durham, opening a warehouse and a storefront there. My storefront, Mill & Meadow, is a dream years in the making: seeing customers shop my collections in person has been beyond rewarding! At the same time, I’m going to keep growing my online business, and thanks to licensing and wholesaling, you can find EBD products in places like Home Goods, Marshalls, and over 4,000 local shops across the US, Canada, Australia, and Europe. And I’m still putting my law degree to use every day, negotiating contracts and solving copyright disputes to protect my art. I love that my two passions are coming together, and I love sharing them with you. 

To learn more about me and see more of my work, you can find me on Instagram @elysebreannedesign 

Favorite print: Terracotta Floral

Favorite product: Claw Clips



You may recognize Jordyn from Tiktok and Instagram. That’s because she’s been around longer than any of us! Jordyn was EBD’s first full-time employee. What started with packing orders has morphed into a leadership role as our Marketing and Administration Manager. When that isn’t keeping her busy, Jordyn loves to jump behind the lens and snap many of the awesome pictures you see here on our website. She’s got a great eye, and sometimes she even sneaks other members of the team into the shot. Jordyn’s also a Raleigh native, born and raised here in the Triangle. She got her start at a boutique in the Village District that sold EBD products, which is how Jordyn found her way to Elyse. The rest is history!

Favorite print: Summer Meadows

Favorite product: Sun Catchers and Reusable Bags


Lauren Slome, Brand Manager for Elyse Breanne Design


As our Brand Manager, Lauren is our resident wordsmith. After years of working in local news, she was eager to get back to writing for fun. And boy is she running with it. You’ll see a lot of posts and content from Lauren across our social media platforms and right here on the website. And if you ever attend an event at Mill & Meadow? It’ll have Lauren’s fingerprints all over it. She’s living her best life for y’all, dreaming up DIY projects, taste testing mocktails and coordinating all the craziness behind the scenes. Her latest odd Amazon order? Three football fields worth of ribbon. Keep an eye on the blog to see what it’s for!

Favorite print: Rainbow Garden or Terrazzo

Favorite product: Get Shit Done notepads


Bey’s Renaissance album. That’s what you’d likely hear if you pulled off Cat’s wireless headphones while she’s bouncing around EBD’s warehouse. Cat is our Customer Service and Inventory Manager, so if you ever reach out about an order, she’s likely the one to answer! She works hand-in-hand with our team to get orders from our door to yours, and keeps us on top of inventory. Cat’s also our resident quiz queen. Her latest question: if you were a genie, what would your container be? Feel free to email to send her your answer!

Favorite print: Any signature floral

Favorite product: Elyse’s Landscapes




Melanie is our HR Specialist here at EBD, but her work goes way beyond payroll. You’re as likely to find her unpacking planners or working at Mill & Meadow as you are to see her ironing out healthcare coverage. She’s just that kind of a team player, and she loves the variety that comes with working for a small business instead of corporate. Melanie had a front row seat to watch her sister start the business. Eight years later, we’re grateful she’s here to add some variety to our Friday morning dance party playlists – always sprinkling some rap into the T-Swift mix. 

Favorite print: Hanging Floral or Citron Posies

Favorite product: 7x9 Planner




If you’ve ever ordered from EBD, odds are Hannah has helped get your goods out the door. She’s a Fulfillment Associate in our warehouse, working full time to keep it organized and to keep orders on schedule. One of Hannah’s super strengths? She loves the mayhem that comes with a viral Tiktok, God bless her. Those are long nights! We also recently learned Hannah was clearly meant to work here, after she discovered some early EBD stickers she had ordered years before her job opened up. We went back and found her first order, here’s what she bought: 

Favorite print: Sangria Floral

Favorite product: Washi Tape




Without Ian, Mill & Meadow never would've looked as polished and perfect as she does. He worked tirelessly for weeks to lay the floors, build and install so much of the shelving... he even redid our lighting! That's his favorite part of the job, getting to work with his hands. Ian is also a warehouse associate, helping us keep the space in fantastic shape and reining in the chaos that occasionally breaks out. 

Favorite print: Pink Leaves


Keep an eye out for Reagan when we share content from the warehouse and office. He's our unofficial 8th man and an aspiring product model for EBD. Reagan's favorite tasks are distracting us with urgent requests for pets and practicing opening drawers throughout the office with his nose. We can't get enough.

Favorite product: Paw Print Sticker or Dog Mom Sticker