Our Warehouse

Our warehouse and office is a 4,000 sq. ft. space located in downtown Durham, NC. Our space is about half office and half warehouse. On the office side, we take photos, hold meetings, and do our day-to-day work keeping EBD running. Each and every single order we receive ships out from the warehouse side of our space. We moved into this location in May of 2022 and it was a big upgrade from our previous space at about 4x the size of our old office.

Before we moved in, a glass company occupied the space. On what is now our office side, they had a showroom for clients to view samples and select glass for windows, showers, etc. Our warehouse was previously a workshop where the company produced glass for their customers. It just so happened that the joint showroom/workshop was the perfect set-up for our now office/warehouse, so we feel lucky to have found the perfect space for EBD headquarters right in downtown Durham.