Small Business Resources

I've been running my business since 2015 and I've learned quite a lot in these past 8 years (more on my story here). Over that time I've put together a whole lot of blog posts and videos with recommendations, tips, and tutorials, so I thought I'd bring them all together in one place. I do my best to share as much as I can about my business journey and the lessons I've learned along the way—I hope you find it useful in your starting or growing your own business!

My Recommendations for Business Supplies

I've linked and categorized all of my favorite supplies I use to run my business.

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What I've learned from selling on Etsy

I started my business out on Etsy in 2015 and have had my Etsy Shop open ever since. In this blog post, I include all the tips I learned in my first 5 years.

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Where to get stickers made

My #1 question has always been where I get my stickers made. Here I break down each sticker company I've worked with, weighing their pros & cons.

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Outsourcing Product Photography

Professional-looking product photography can make or break a sale. If that's something you struggle with, here's a way to outsource your photography.

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Behind the Scenes: the Product Design Process

Creating a product from scratch is A LOT of work, and stressful too. This video walks step-by-step through the process and includes tips I've learned in designing my own products.

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Printer Recommendation for Art Prints & Cards

This is the printer I use for all of my art prints. Click the link below to see why.

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My Tips for Mural Painting

After painting several murals, I've laid out some of the things I wish I'd known when I started.

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Designing a Repreating Pattern

A step-by-step tutorial for creating a repeating pattern on an iPad, using the app Procreate.

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Wholesale Retailer Resources

Tips and tricks for merchandising EBD products in-store, plus what we've learned owning our own shop!

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