My Business Supplies Recommendations

Whether you're operating a growing business and staff or just trying to get your foot in the door, having the right supplies can be key to your success. That's why I've created this one-stop list of my favorite products and furnishings. There's no one right way to run your business, but I've used each and every one of these items over the years as I've scaled Elyse Breanne Design and opened Mill & Meadow. The Amazon links will take you to my Amazon storefront, which gives me a small commission if you purchase through the link. That storefront is also a great resource because I've left notes on products there explaining exactly how I use them! (The Mill & Meadow list may as well be a scavenger hunt for our local shoppers) I don't receive a commission for the other websites, I've just gotten so much use out of their products that I want to share them, too. 

I hope this resource helps you find success in whatever projects you're working on! 

Art Supplies


My Favorite Paint

Detail Brushes

6x6 Canvases

Tabletop Easel

Black Paint Markers

White Paint Markers

Gold Paint Markers

Canvas Panels

White Charcoal Pencil

Watercolor Notebook

Watercolor Palette

Gold Gel Pens

12x12 Wood Panels

Micron Pens

Art Print/Greeting Card Supplies 

Art Print Sleeves

Art Print Paper—5x7 in.

Art Print Paper—8x10 in.

Art Print Paper—11x14 in.

Art Print Backing Board—5x7 in.

Art Print Backing Board—8x10 in.

Art Print Backing Board—11x14 in.

Greeting Card Paper

Cardstock (alternative for printing greeting cards and prints)

Bulk Printer Paper

White Card Envelopes

Kraft Paper Card Envelopes

Greeting Card Sleeves

Shipping Supplies

Shipping Label Thermal Printer

Thermal Shipping Labels


4x8 Poly Mailers

6x9 Poly Mailers

8.5x12 Poly Mailers

6x8 Rigid Mailers

9.75x12 Rigid Flat Mailers

Mailing Tubes (for art prints over 8x10in.)

Priority Mail Boxes (Free)

Bubble Wrap


Packing Tape

Shipping Labels


Scotch Tape

Handle With Care Stickers


Product Photography Camera

Portable Smart Projector

Vlogging Camera

Phone Camera Stand

Ring Light

Art Print Printer

Shipping Label Printer

Dymo Shipping Label Printer


Printing Supplies 

Art Print Printer

Alternate Art Print Printer

Art Print Ink

Craft Fair Table/Display

Sticker Display

Prints Display

White Table Cloth


Business Card Holders


Canon Rebel t6 DSLR Camera

White Foam Board (for light reflecting) (much cheaper to buy in-store at Target)

Mango Wood Bowl (for staging)

White Knit Throw/Blanket (for staging/photo backdrop)

iPhone Stand (for time lapses, videos, etc.)

Miscellaneous Office Supplies

Sticker Storage

Sticker Wall Shelves

Wall Organizer

Cricut Materials

Cricut Explore Air

Transfer Tape

Rose Gold Vinyl

Cricut Mat

Bulk White Cricut Vinyl

Mill & Meadow Styling

Large Display Tables 

White Display Tables


Product Display Stand 1

Product Display Stand 2

Hanging Display Stand

Sticker Shelves

Display Shelves

Wicker Ottoman

Wicker Hanging Lights

Counter Stools

Checkerboard Woven Cubes

Sticker Cabinet

Mill & Meadow Technology

Sound System

Card Reader

Tablet Stand

Barcode Scanner


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