Picture Perfect: How to Nail your Product Photography

You know that feeling? The one when everything you’ve been waiting for clicks into place? After all the work, the long hours, sometimes the frustration or setbacks. The one that comes just as you’re starting to wonder why you got yourself into this mess in the first place… 

And then? Magic. 

For us, that feeling often comes just before we get to share new products with you. Not when we first get the goods – there are usually still a few setbacks left at that point. But when we’re finally finished perfecting and it's time to photograph, the butterflies come back. Because that’s when we finally get to appreciate what we’re about to share with you. And while we’re usually the ones snapping the shutter at EBD, we recently handed over the camera. 

If you’ve checked out any of our hair accessories lately, then you’ve likely been tempted by the work of our collaborators at Soona. We had a chance to work side-by-side with the pros there, all while keeping it virtual. 



@elysebreannedesign I’m obsessed with how these pictures turned out 😍 @soona #soonapartner #smallbusiness #smallbusinesstips #photography #smallbusinessowner ♬ Aesthetic - Tollan Kim


It was easier than it sounds. We shipped a package of scrunchies and claw clips to their studio in Minneapolis. Then, we had a video call with them to set the vibe. We went through their collection of backgrounds and staging, picking what felt the most authentically EBD. They even offered a fully-staged bedroom and bathroom to work with – meaning none of us had to clean our bedrooms at home to make the shoot happen (talk about a reason to cheer!) You can see both in our shoot. 


When it was time to capture the pictures you see on our site, we were sitting right here at the table in EBD’s office. But we weren’t waiting for an email delivering the final shots. We were able to join in live, watching the photos populate on our computer screens as they were snapped! Then, we could chime in and give direction to the photographer so we could move the shoot in the right direction. Like when we wanted to shift away from floral props and toward a cleaner vibe, we offered the feedback and they nailed it. 

Over a few hours, we helped the team at Soona capture the shots we’d had in our heads for months. They offered still photos, videos and even high-quality GIFs that we couldn’t resist. And when the shoot was done, all we had to do was click, click, click the content we loved and send it to our cart. All those beautiful pictures were in our inbox the very next day, and we were itching to share them with you. 



Going forward - a lot of the pictures you see on our site will still be taken right here at EBD or out and about in Durham. We can’t totally tear ourselves away from the lens. But we’d love to collaborate with Soona again. Because that moment of sitting here after months of work, literally watching the dream come true as each picture appeared on our screen? That was some real, pinch-me magic

If you're ready to refresh your product photos, now's the time to do it, and Soona can help you get started. Click this link to book your shoot & use code ELYSE to get your first photo free: 



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