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I can hardly believe it’s been eight months since I first opened the doors to Mill & Meadow. It took months of work and years of dreaming to see it through. The learning curve has been steep.  But one of the best surprises has been your absolute support through it all!

Over the past seven months, I’ve welcomed customers from more states than I can count. Florida, New York, California and Texas, too. Y’all have jumped in the car, booked flights - even planned vacations around coming to shop with us in person at Mill & Meadow. It's a dream come true for me!

But I understand not all of you can make the trip. And while there’s nothing that can perfectly replace shopping the shelves yourself, I want to share Mill & Meadow with as many people as possible! Which is why I’m so excited to announce I’m bringing my curated collection from the shop to 

As my recent shoppers have probably noticed, I’ve started to introduce products beyond my own creations into the store. I want Mill & Meadow to be all about finding the perfect gift , whether it’s for someone special or yourself, and I want to offer you the well-rounded best. That’s why I’m adding in products that compliment our Elyse Breanne Design originals. And I want you ALL to have access to that, regardless of where you are.

So starting Friday, June 2nd, you can shop nearly our entire catalog of Mill & Meadow products online. That will still include all of my Elyse Breanne Design products. And now you can now explore our seasonal extras as well. From Modern Sprout seed pops and the best of Big Heart Tea Company to mugs, fuzzy socks, baby toys and more, it’ll all be on the virtual shelf on! All you'll need to do is go to the 'Mill & Meadow' tab.

It’s been really important to me to see this through, and I hope you enjoy browsing the full collection from afar. I also hope y’all will still stop by the shop when you can to say hello! Because you’ve truly been my favorite part of opening Mill & Meadow.

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