From Murals to Surface Pattern Design

I'm always making art in one way or another—here's a collection of my favorite pieces.

Dining Room Mural

Mill and Meadow Mural

Guest Room Mural

Repeating Patterns

Rainbow Garden

Pink Gingham Floral

Sunny Poppies

Terracotta FLoral

Shop Terracotta Floral



Countryside Blooms

Shop Countryside Blooms

Rainbow Bows

Pink Bows

Blue Bows

Retired Patterns


Marigold Blooms

Limelight Floral

Midnight Damask

Daisy Damask

Pastel Wildflowers

Sunflower Field

Orange Floral

Mint Matcha

Citron Posies

Purple Floral

Retro Lavender

Charcoal Dried Floral

Blush Dried Floral


Cool Tone Floral

Warm Tone Floral

Sweet Pea

Orange Daisy Patch

Blue Daisy Patch

White Anemone

Peonies and Tulips

Colorblock Floral

Line Drawn Floral

Cherry Floral


Pomegranate Floral

Papaya Floral

Funky Floral

Pink Sage

Plum Poppy

Tangerine Leaves