Birthday Blooms and Tattoo Designs

It's been a minute since I've been THIS excited about new stickers!!!!

Birth flowers may just be the most commonly requested additions to my collection. It makes sense; they're a lovely and personal expression of our place in this world, reminding us we have a right to take up space and bloom!! They can be a beautiful reminder of the ones we love, the ones we miss, and the ones we call ours. 

I've put off adding them to my collection for a while because there are so many options! Each month has a primary and a secondary flower (at least), which leads to overlap and confusion. But finally I decided it was time to try my hand at illustrating each month's primary plant. And I'm so glad I did! 

You can see the whole collection here!

Another reason I chose to draw these birth month flowers is because I also get requests for tattoo designs. I've done several custom birth month floral tattoos in the past. With the business growing, I don't have nearly as much time to take on custom projects like that, but I know people do still want options from my collection. That's why I'm now offering tattoo licenses for my work that gives my permission to use my art as a tattoo!! Please read through these details because it's really important!

Tattoo artists are not legally allowed to use other artists' works for tattoos without permission from the original artist. Using an artist's image without permission is illegal copyright infringement. However: If you purchase one of my permanent tattoo licenses, you will have my consent to choose one of my existing designs to use for one tattoo, one time. After purchasing this license, you are welcome to select an image from my shop photos or Instagram profile.

You may show your tattoo artist your order confirmation email from purchasing this permission as proof of my consent.

If you are looking for minor alterations to my existing designs (ex: a bouquet of multiple birth month flowers) please email with the design and modification you'd like. I will consider them on a case-by-case basis!!

If you do choose one of my designs for your tattoo, I'd be honored! And I'd love to see the finished product. Please DM me the pictures on social or email them to!!

With all that said, something I loved about drawing these birth month flowers was that they're such a neat little matching collection. Now I'm searching for new ideas for my next sticker collection, let me know if anything comes to mind for you!!

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