DIY Wall Art Project

I get requests for tutorials pretty frequently, so I wanted to create a simply DIY project for you all to try! All you will need is a canvas (affiliate link), a few brushes, 3 different paint colors, and a permanent marker. It took me about an hour to complete the project, including waiting for the paint to dry. Feel free to download and use the file I made of the arch and floral design for your project! (This is for personal use only, and not commercial use!)

Draw out the wave pattern in pencil on the background of the canvas.

  1. Paint the three different colors in each segment of the wave pattern. I went from the top to the bottom so I would minimize the risk that I would accidentally rest my hand on wet paint.

    The colors I used for my version of this project are:

    • Folk Art Yellow Ochre

    • DecoArt Dried Clay

    • DecoArt Warm Beige

  2. Print and cut out the arched design while waiting for the paint to dry.

  3. Trace the arch with pencil onto the center of the canvas (make sure the paint is completely dry before going on to this step!)

  4. Go over the arch with a black permanent marker or paint pen (affiliate link). You can also use black paint and a detail brush if you prefer!

  5. Draw out the floral design in the center of the arch, and again go over the pencil with permanent marker, a paint pen, or black paint. And you’re done! Here’s how mine turned out:

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