Here's Where You Can Find the Furnishings from Mill & Meadow

2022 was a huge year for Elyse Breanne Design. We moved into a new office space and opened our first storefront! Mill & Meadow gives customers a chance to see the high quality of our products up close and personal before purchasing.

One of my favorite parts of opening the storefront was getting to style the space in a way that really makes them shine. Now we get all sorts of questions about where people can find this lamp or that accessory. I'm so flattered people are liking the vibe, and I'm happy to share my sources! That's what this guide is: a resource to find all the awesome pieces we've pulled together at Mill & Meadow. The Amazon links will take you to my Amazon storefront, which gives me a small commission if you purchase through the link. I don't receive a commission for the other websites, but I've gotten so many compliments on their products that I want to share them, too! 

Furniture and Styling

White Display Tables

Checkerboard Woven Cubes

Wicker Hanging Lights

Large Display Tables 

Product Display Stand 1

Product Display Stand 2

Hanging Display Stand

Display Shelves

Sticker Cabinet

Sticker Shelves

Wicker Ottoman

Counter Stools


Washi Tape Baskets

Mill & Meadow Technology

Sound System

Card Reader

Tablet Stand

Barcode Scanner


One more tip: Keep your eyes peeled at stores like Marshall's and Home Goods. I love finding a great deal, and those stores get incredible pieces in on the regular! So many of the trays, vases and even a few shelves at Mill & Meadow all came to the store during bargain hunting trips. So go take a look!

For a full list of supplies I use in my business, click here.

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