One of the biggest decisions I make when it comes to my stickers...

If you ask me what Elyse Breanne Design's best selling product is, the answer would be easy... stickers.

I've designed hundreds of stickers over the past eight years, and there's more than 450 you can add to your cart right now. A few came from paintings I did on canvas, or from the wall murals I've painted around the office and at home. But I've created the vast majority of them using my iPad, Procreate, and my imagination.

I get so many questions from aspiring designers and small business owners about how they can create their own stickers. Some think printing them with a Cricut is the best way to go, but I really recommend just having them printed professionally. There are so many high-quality, low-cost options out there at this point that you won't save a ton printing them yourself, and you'll spend WAY more time doing it that way. I've tested out more than a handful of the companies out there and blogged about my honest reviews of each sticker company, so check that out if you're wondering where to start! 

One thing I love about creating stickers is having fun with the design process and the printing process. There are so many cool options out there these days. If you scroll through my sticker collection, you'll see different sizes and different shapes. You'll even find a few holographic stickers in there! And of course, you'll see that I like to play with opaque and clear backgrounds. 

Lately I've definitely been leaning into clear stickers. There isn't one hard and fast rule I use when deciding whether to print a sticker on a solid, clear, or holographic background. Usually, if I have white in the color palette, I go with clear so that the white will pop. But when that isn't the case, I make the decision based on what will show up best, or the style I'm drawing in. And sometimes, a clear or solid background will really help support the design of the sticker. I remember going back and forth with my team about whether the magnifying glass sticker in my Midnights collection should be clear or opaque. Ultimately we decided that making it clear gave it that true feeling of looking straight through the magnifying glass yourself, which we loved. The same can be said for our popular greenhouse sticker. There's just something fun about feeling like you're looking through the glass to see the plants!

Another thing to consider: Using a clear-backed sticker can give your design a more delicate appearance, but it can also make it harder to see fine lines, depending on the surface someone sticks it on. So it's definitely worth thinking about your customer before you choose one or the other. 

Obviously there's no right or wrong answer here, but it is an important question to consider before you place your order. For me, it comes down to what I think will look best with the artwork in question.

If you're interested in all the options out there, Sticker Mule has some great variety. They've printed opaque, clear and holographic stickers for EBD and the quality is always fantastic. Plus, you can get sample packs of 10 stickers for $9, which is really helpful if you're looking to compare options. 

You can learn more about Sticker Mule's clear sticker pricing and options by clicking here. You can also use this link to save $10 on your first order from Sticker Mule. 

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