We're raising our free shipping minimum... and here's why

Ever since I started Elyse Breanne Design, shipping has been free on orders over $15. It was an early business decision, meant to make it easier for customers support my small business online. And for seven years, through rising postage prices and a shift toward more eco-friendly packaging, I made the choice to stick to that same minimum.

But sadly, at this point, that low free-shipping minimum has started to hold EBD back. UPS and USPS prices are up over 30% since I set our $15 minimum, and now that has ended up being anywhere between $2 and $6 extra per package.

When we don't charge shipping, the company takes on that cost, in addition to everything we spend on shipping supplies. In January alone, we spent more than $18,000 on shipping costs that we covered for free, along with $7,000 in shipping supplies like boxes and packing tape. And those numbers were drastically higher through the holiday season. Shipping is a cost that keeps on going up, and it means that we have less and less to invest into developing new products and patterns, or toward lowering product prices.

To address that, starting today, shipping will still be free on orders of $35 or more. That means your planners will still be covered! And I'm excited about the freedom it will give me to adjust other prices, making some products more affordable, too. I'll keep you posted on any price shifts that happen as a result. This was a tough decision, but I hope you all understand!

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